Tunkia TH8010 Electrical Steel Magnetic Measurement Device Calibration System


– Supports various electrical parameter measurements within the frequency range of DC to 10 kHz.
– Supports three measurement modes: average, peak, and effective value.
– The voltage/current accuracy reaches class 0.01, and the power reaches class 0.02.
– It can also ensure accurate measurement of iron loss under high frequency, low power factor and high magnetic induction.
– Can measure H, B, J, Ps, Hc, Br, μ and other magnetic parameters.
– Supports the drawing of B-H, μ-H and other magnetic characteristic curves.
– It can analyze the magnetization process of the magnetometer being calibrated.
– It can evaluate the demagnetization effect of the magnetometer being calibrated.
– Supports measurement of DC ~ 64th harmonic and total harmonic distortion.
– Harmonic measurement bandwidth up to 200 kHz