Tunkia TH3900 DC Power Energy Reference Standard

• DC voltage measurement up to 1.15 kV with uncertainty up to 6 ppm;
• DC current measurement up to 600 A with uncertainty up to 8 ppm;
• Voltage output stability is better than 6 ppm/min, current stability is better than 8 ppm/min.
• Small-signal voltage with a minimum output of 0.1 mV and an uncertainty of 15 ppm;
• Both the built-in I/V and V/V conversion standards have an uncertainty of better than 3 ppm.
• The built-in solid state voltage reference has a typical annual variation of ±1.5 μV/V.
• The quantum voltage calibration function is reserved to improve the accuracy of measurement.
• Built-in high precision constant temperature crystal oscillator, standard second pulse uncertainty up to 0.5 ppm.