Tunkia TK4830Z Portable Tester for EV DC Charging Station

DC Measurement: DC voltage 100~1000V, DC current 1A~250A, DC power/electric energy class 0.05.
Supports Multiple Loads: new energy vehicles can be used as loads to measure the accumulated electric energy throughout the charging process, and traditional resistive loads can also be used for testing.
Flexible Load Matching: DC load 20kW and 60kW are optional, and the load power can be switched by program control.
Load Cascading: DC loads can be cascaded, up to four 60kW loads can be cascaded, with a maximum power of 240kW.
Wide Dynamic Range Measurement: Avoid measurement risks caused by load fluctuations during the dynamic metering process of electric vehicle charging.
Ms-Level Power Refresh Speed: Reduce errors introduced by charging station and standard instruments in the process of asynchronous accumulation of power, and improve the measurement accuracy of accumulated power.